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Collab with MissMissyMouse :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 1 2 Lombre Remake - for JustinNugget's contest :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 2 4 Missing :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 6 0 The Stars Above Process :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 1 0 The Sapphire Stone :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 7 3 The Stars Above :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 12 6 Always Together :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 8 4 The Forever Rose cover :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 0 0 Stars :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 0 0 Lugia Ride :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 8 2 Bulbasaur with Solar Beam take 2 :iconharmonytrocketeeveon:HarmonytRocketEeveon 2 0

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am a huge fan of everything Pokemon, especially Team Rocket and the Eeveelutions. I've only been a fan for about a year, but I know all 802 Pokemon by name, how they are related, and most of their types. I used to want to be a librarian until I took some art classes at school. Now I want to become a Concept artist and screenwriter, hopefully for the Pokemon International Company. I love to draw existing Pokemon, and throw in a few new ones of my own. I also love to write, so you might find a link to my stories every once in a while. ;)

I love to keep it clean, so if you comment, please no vulgar language.

My Fanfiction:…


I made a new group! You can join if you want to. ;)
Collab with MissMissyMouse
My friend came over, so I showed her my new Wacom tablet We experimented in Corel Painter for a while, but then we did a quick sketch-showoff-thing. We ended up with this. We used the Scratchboard Tool, Fine Point, Variable Flat, and Just Add Water Blender. This is Sammy the snail and Tim the turtle! Don't worry, I'm still working on Pokemon. I finished my next sketch and it looks AWESOME! :giggle: 
P. S. MissMissyMouse says hi.
Lombre Remake - for JustinNugget's contest
Man, this took a long time! This time, I tried something different than my sketch-outline-color-shade approach. I made a sketch, but skipped the outline. I went straight to coloring and shading at the same time. I stuck to the basic shape and I like the result but . . . I think I'll keep doing outlines from now on. I'm bored of plain black outlines, so I'll try outlines of different colors and textures to match the picture. I'm excited for my next one: a feathery yellow Moltres! pokemon gif moltres 

Anyway, for the contest we had to redesign our least favorite Pokemon. Of course, I love all Pokemon, so I narrowed it down to Muk #089 Muk  and Lombre #271 Lombre . Muk would be hard to stick to the basic shape. Reasons why I chose Lombre:
1. They're the Jolly Pokemon.
I like Lotad #270 Lotad  and Ludicolo #272 Ludicolo  because they seem happy in most pictures. Lombre just looks grumpy.
2. They look like they're wearing pants . . .
Well, they do.
3. The beak looks kind of weird.
4. The colors are pale.
I like blue and green, but shouldn't a happy Pokemon have brighter colors? Lotad and Ludicolo do.

Parts I changed:
1. BRIGHTER COLORS! I thought yellow, blue, green, pink, and orange would do. (Does his eyes look orange enough?)
2. PATTERNS. I still liked the idea of two main colors, but I rounded off his "pant-line" and pointed the patch on his head.
3. CUTER/HAPPIER. The original eyes looked bland, so I added a cuteness factor and a happy smile. I even gave him a little flower! Flowerpot :flowerrain: +plz-acc 
4. LITTLE BUTTON NOSE. To fix the problem of the beak, I gave him a cute pink nose.

That's about it! I hope you like it. For those who like Lombre, do you think I stuck to the main design? If you don't like it, I'm sorry. I assure you, I do like all Pokemon.

P. S. Does the water in the pond look enough like water?
So adorable! If you haven't guessed, that's supposed to be Jessie. (I considered making her shiny, but I like the finished project.) This is a new story I'm writing where, yes, Jessie turns into a Vulpix, but James doesn't know. This is a scene where he's telling her how much he's worried about Jessie. Jessie seems uncomfortable because she can't say "I'm right here! Stop being a wimp!"

Here's the story so far if you want to read it:…

This took a long time. This is my first project I've done completely in Corel Paint with my Wacom. I did a sketch with the Scratchboard Tool. Then, the outline took the longest with the Mechanical Pencil. I try to make it perfect. After that, I did my favorite parts: the background, coloring, and shading. James' tears took the longer than the rest. The background I did with a mixture of Variable Splatter Airbrush, Coarse Spray Jitter Airbrush, and Gel Fractal Jitter (in FX). I wanted to experiment with textures and create a new piece for the entire painting, but maybe later.

I hope you like it! pokemon gif Vulpix 
The Stars Above Process
Well, as I promised, here it is. Here is how I created The Stars Above. It goes similar to a comic, right, then down.

1. I drew it on a piece of paper with a mechanical pencil and a few references for their faces and position. Time: Approx. 1-2 hours
2. I cropped it in Gimp and proceeded to draw a thin outline using my mouse and the default paintbrush. Time: Approx. 2-4 hours
3. I made the background white so it was easier to work on, and adjusted James' eyes. (They were a little too big and farther up on his forehead.) Time: Approx. 5-10 minutes
4. In the process of coloring, I had a dilemma with his shirt. I was deciding whether the primary color would be Growlie or Victreebel. Growlie seemed more formal, but I thought Victreebel "suit"ed his personality more. Yes, I know. Bad pun. Time: Approx. 5 minutes
5. I decided on yellow, then finished coloring. At first I would be tracing against the outline, but then I found the tool where you can select a certain space. However, when I did this, I also had to Select->Grow by one pixel each time to line it up correctly (this doesn't happen in Corel. Yay!). I believe the tool was Magic Wand. Time: Approx. 3-5 hours
6. I shaded and highlighted. Again, I would use the mouse until I discovered another tool (I learned a lot about Gimp as I worked). I could select a region with Magic Wand and then there was extra options for the lasso tool (which I was using) to where you can select a region inside the current selection. I was so happy and it cut the rest of the time in half! Also, I changed a few aspects on this step, such as Mew's eyes and the shape of James' forehead (I know it sounds weird, but his forehead was too square . . .). Time: Approx. 4 hours when doing James, then after finding tool: Approx. 2 hours for Jessie
7. I added a background I made and a bubble for Meowth. Also a few parts such as their reflection. Time: Approx. 30 minutes
8. I completed the finishing touches like the ball of light and faded faces. Time: Approx. 15 minutes

There you have it. This project took around 13 to 18 hours. Whew! I didn't realize!
Have a great day! eevee gif 

P. S. I have a drawing to scan in, I'm almost finished with another project, then I have a contest painting to submit. Working on it! But I also have homework over spring break . . .


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